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could you not feel safe, our house is absolutely surrounded by every law enforcement officer in the universe, so, i was -- it was a little tongue in cheek. i think i'll feel a lot better once we know, you know, this is over. >> robin, stay in touch with it. call back in. >> thank you very much. >> and a number of you have been asking online about something all day, the older brother, the deceased brother, had a wife or at least a girlfriend, we're not sure if they were married, but they have a 3-year-old daughter, as well. and a number of you have been asking, where is she? do they have her in custody tonight? brian ross, if you can hear me now, do you know anything about that? is there any chance that the older brother's wife is in custody now, do we know anything? sounds as if brian is debriefing somebody on scene there, i'll go to pierre thomas with the same question? he is doing the same thing. you are getting an eyewitness on reporting at work, the abc news force. this is what we do, seeking out every single piece of information. so, we're doing it with you, you are part
? >> code red evacuation. >> code red, evacuate the building. >> reporter: no bomb was found. but the law enforcement response forced a postponement of a news conference where officials had planned to talk about a possible suspect. authorities say the fbi is focused on photographs, including some taken by a surveillance camera at the lord & taylor store, that show a man in the race-day crowd, using a cellphone, with a black bag strapped across his chest that authorities say may contain the bomb. the key frames are just a few of the millions of frames of video examined in the last 36 hours by a special team of fbi forensic experts, the operational technology division. they have set up facilities at a restricted location near the boston harbor. and they are masters at what is known as facial recognition, the new science of converting a face into a name, demonstrated here by an indiana company that was used by the fbi following the 9/11 attacks. >> in this investigation, there will be hundreds of thousands of images. if they have a suspect identified, they know the area that suspect was in,
coils. coast to coast law enforcement, at los angeles's union station, a muscular police presence, and and a measure of anxiety felt lie commuters. >> it puts you on edge. >> we're not safe anywhere. >> it could happen anywhere, even here in california. >> reporter: at lax across to boston, memories of 9/11. >> that faith that you have in security of our nation, it's kind of shaken. >> reporter: in downtown seattle, streets were shut down due to a suspicious backpack. the bomb squad sent in its robot, inside a hair dryer. east coast airports had the jitters. at logan airport, delays over suspicious passengers and packages. at new york laguardia, another suspicious item and passengers forced to wait outside in the street. >> across new york city both signs of increased security. and the comforting sound of resiliency. >> i think if i become nervous i'm giving in to something that's going to make me underpowered. >> reporter: carlos rosario seemed to speak for many today. >> as citizens, we have to be responsible one to another. we have to be our brother's keeper. >> reporter: meanw
details since the briefing toda. >> a senior law enforcement official tells me e wo suspects is seen in anher vio making a cellphone call around the time of the exns. they believe that the cellphone was used to trigger one of the explosions. the officials said a massive effort is under way to capture every cellphone call in that local area at the time of the bombings, to see if they can trace it back to the bomber. the source said it's a time-consuming process but a top priority. >> as you watch the tapes go by pierre, and you've studied these so often, tell us the kind of detail the fbi is asking everyone to notice. >> one of the things you can see as you look at the tape is that the black backpack is one critical piece of evidence. my sources are telling me that backpack is the one that they recovered the most material from. the other thing is that every piece of evidence in that frame, the hat, the coat, the pants, they want the public to look at that because there might be something that someone would notice. >> that's right. and to look over every frame by frame, they sent every
a charge that could carry the death penalty. tonight law enforcement sources tell abc news that the young man seen on this surveillance tape, calmly walking through the crowd with a bomb in his bag, is now being cooperative with investigators. he has trouble speaking because of gunshot wounds to his neck, but he's communicating through writing, nodding his head, and making short vocalizations. based on what he's told them, investigators are convinced there are no more ongoing plots. and tonight abc news has learned dzhokhar tsarnaev told investigators, they learned to build a bomb on the internet. today dzhokhar tsarnaev was officially charged with using, and conspiring to use, a weapon of mass destruction. the complaint also contains vivid, new details about the chaotic events of last thursday night when the brothers tsarnaev allegedly carjacked a man. the victim describes one of the brothers getting in the car and saying, "did you hear about the boston explosion? i did that." the victim says the brother then removed a magazine from his gun, displayed a bullet and said, i am serious. the
Search Results 0 to 6 of about 7 (some duplicates have been removed)